Ringing in the New Year with Peterson Racing

On January 1, 2012, our team gathered to celebrate the New Year with brunch, delivery of the new kits, and a team ride in sunny, mild weather.  We enjoyed a potluck with some amazing food, including homemade tortillas, eggs, and healthy muffins!

Then, our new kits arrived! Many thanks to the teammates who volunteered their time to design these.  Below: it was like a second Christmas…

Yep, upon closer inspection we REALLY like them! It’s great to have colors and designs designed for women, by women. The pink and blue really stand out. We’re excited to line up for the first races of the year.

Then, we went out for a sunny ride down Lake Washington Boulevard, cruising to Seward Park and enjoying the day.  The sight of a dozen or so fit women in brand-new kits turned a few heads! Below: Alexie, our sponsorship coordinator, and pro cyclist Tom Peterson, our title sponsor.

Happy 2012!