Sponsor Highlight: Clif

Our latest sponsor highlight is CLIF!

Clif makes performance food for all sports with simple, quality ingredients.  Their focus on organic ingredients, good flavor, and variety makes them an industry favorite.
In addition to making delicious and healthy products, they are a great company to work with, both locally and globally.  We love their commitment to healthy food and a healthy planet!  They support good agricultural practices and sustainability.  Also, they’re really generous with our team and open to feedback and suggestions.  We’re excited to be working with them.
You’ll find Peterson Racing p/b Spokeswomen riders enjoying Clif Bars, Clif Shots, Shot Bloks, and more on training rides and races.  We recently got to sample one of their newest products, the Clif Crunch Bar, and were unanimously pleased with its delicious flavor and texture! True confession: on a training ride recently, I dropped part of my Crunch Bar on the road.  I circled back to brush it off, pick it up, and eat it.. it was that good!  🙂


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