Rider of the Month: Andrea Casebolt

Rider of the Month


Name: Andrea Casebolt, junior racer

Category/Discipline: Road 3, Cross 3

How you got into cycling: I got into cycling because of my dad. I watched him race a cross race in Portland about seven years ago and thought it looked really cool so I wanted to try it out.

How to balance life and cycling as a junior racer: Being a junior is great! A little hard with managing training with school, but I get by. Knowing that I started at such a young age and already have a good amount of experience is nice because I want to do cycling for forever. Racing as a junior at nationals is also pretty cool, you get to meet a lot of new people. It’s nice to have adults that are willing to support us with training and racing is great as well.

What’s your favorite thing about cyclocross, your main race discipline? My favorite thing about cyclocross is definitely the getting dirty aspect. Having to jump over obstacles is pretty sweet too. I like the challenge cross brings with all the different kinds of weather and terrain you have to race in. It’s not as strict as road, the environment is so laid back and chill. Not saying it’s not hard to race cross, because it definitely is.

 Favorite cycling memory? Hmmm… my favorite memory in cycling was in Kansas City, 2007, when I won the Cyclocross National Championships. Earlier that season my dad had broken his ankle in Steilacoom right after he had won and was about to move up a category… he told me that he was proud of my performance at the Seattle series so when I went to Kansas City and crossed the finish line first, the expression on my dads face. He told me he felt like he had won vicariously through out me. That was something I will never forget.