Da’ Beezely Burn!





That’s right, even though it was Sarah, Tara and Jac’s FIRST mountain bike race ever– they were FIERCE on the start line!

Alright, we do play nice.


The course was quite different than what we’re used to here on the west side. Near Seattle, trails are made of terrifically tacky mineral/organic soil, dashed with roots and rocks here and there and often buffed and fast. In Ephrata, the soil was dry, sandy and loose, punctuated with LOTS of rocks, and just would not stop turning and twisting. Oy! What a ride.

RJ quizzically signed up for the Expert category which required 3 laps. (She doesn’t like to feel left out and wanted to experience ALL of the fun that was available.) Even though she DFL’d, she still came through each lap with a smile on- determined to tackle the bucking bronco once again!

The rest of the ladies opted for the Sport category’s 2 laps (good decision! RJ wants to do this next time!).

Tara rode smart and kept it within her comfort zone for her inaugural ride. She took a spill on a loose section, but discovered that you really can bounce back up after a mountain bike crash!

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jac devoured their divisions. They each went home with nifty wooden medals. Congrats!

Next up for the mountain girls: Echo Valley Ralley!