Race Report: RJ at Stottlemeyer (including poetry!)

Last week, Lisa shared her race experience of the Stottlemeyer 30 Mile Epic. She said, “The course included some fire road climbs, twisty technical sections, flowy gravel singletrack, and lots of fun!!!”

I would concur, but would like to emphasize, the TWISTY TECHNICAL SECTIONS!

My goodness! There were miles upon miles of roots. And I don’t mean, ‘oh, you’re riding along and bump! you hit some roots and pedal on.’ No, no. These are slow grinding roots. Your front wheel is clawing up one while your rear wheel is still slipping down another. I begin to feel like Indiana Jones in a snake pit and the roots are leaving the earth to tangle me up and eat me alive!

To further impress this point upon you, I have written some Haikus.




Roots rise from the earth

knock me off my bicycle

now I ride a stump.



Pedal furiously

trying to escape the wood

roots hold me hostage.



Ok, for reals though. That’s the magic of mountain biking– every course can offer something so drastically different than the last. At Beezely Burn, the sand did not suit me and I got last. At Echo Valley, the climb/descent course design suited me and I won. The unique part of Stottlemeyer was the root sections that tested your slow-speed technical skills. I finished mid-pack.

So while Stottlemeyer was not a podium performance for me, it was time well spent on trails that challenged my current skill set.




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