Race Report: Loup Loup

Loup Loup, Woop Woop!

by Kelly Woznicki
I busted up my elbow in February, but now it is fixed.
I thought maybe all my mountain bike skills had vanished,
but lo and behold, they aren’t totally gone.
Those Evergreen clinics really are awesome!
They taught me to stand up, bend my elbows, 
and put my weight back when I get scared.
Sometimes I forget that I’m not on a bike
and I try to do that in real life (just kidding!).
This weekend I raced at Loup Loup.
It was really hard. Both the up up up…
And the down down down. (30 miles on day two!)
But some of the down downs
Were so much fun
That I let out a few
Loup! Loup! Woop! Woop!s 
Peterson Racing really cleaned up.
Some 1sts, 2nds, and 3rds in the XC race.
And a Cat 3 Sweep in the Enduro!
Woot woot! Loup Loup!