Teammate Highlight: Aimee Warnke

We are looking forward to welcoming Aimee Warnke home from Afghanistan. Last fall, she joined our team, but immediately found out she was being sent to Afghanistan for the year. She’s sent us occasional updates from the field. 
Name: Aimee Warnke

Hometown: Rolla, MO

Racing Disciplines: Road, Triathlons, hope to start racing CX once I get home

Quick story about Afghanistan: I am a platoon leader for a 35 Soldier vertical construction platoon. We deployed to Afghanistan at the end of January for nine months and have been doing deconstruction as part of the CENTCOM Material Recovery Element to close bases around RC-East.  Our main mission was to close down FOB Sharana, the largest forward operating base to date to be deconstructed in Afghanistan.  

Before departing, I shipped a bike I got on Craigslist and a trainer over here, so I have been able to ride ~1hr most days in addition to some running and weights (when we have a gym available) to stay in shape.  In the picture of me riding my bike on top of the containers, my platoon had thought it would be a really funny joke to hide my bike there…so I just climbed up and rode on top. Afterwards, I told them if it wasn’t moved back to its normal spot by the next evening they would all be running 10miles with me on their next day ‘off’….it got moved pretty quickly 😉  

I’ve had a great group of guys to lead over here and we are all extremely excited to be coming home soon. 
Goals for when you return home: Try out CX; signed up for IM Canada 2014; race road/crits next year with the team