Race Report: 24 Hours Round the Clock

Over Memorial Day weekend, a five-person Spokeswomen embarked on a crazy adventure: pushing our physical and mental limits at the 24 Hours Round the Clock mountain bike race in Spokane, WA. Our team’s hard work earned us 6th place out of 14 teams in our category, completing 19 laps during the twenty four hour time limit.











At noon on Saturday, Delia stood shoulder-to-shoulder with a hundred other competitors for the Le Mans style start. At the sound of the starting gun, racers ran a third of a mile circuit, up a hill and back through the start line before grabbing their bikes and heading out onto the course.











For the next twenty-four hours, our riders (Cathy, Delia, Mary, and Kelly) zoomed around the fast and dusty 15-mile course, in times as quick as 1:06! While one teammate was on the course, others were recovering, preparing for their next lap, trying to squeeze in a quick nap, or cheering each other on as they passed by our campsite. Linnea served as an alternate and completed one lap to contribute to the team’s effort.

course1 course2 course3
















It was an awesome weekend full of dirt, laughter, and not enough sleep — but we were very proud of the team’s final result!











Check out a quick interview with Cathy and a view of the Le Mans race start in this terrific video by the Spokesman-Review, a local Spokane newspaper.

Go team!