Race Recaps: Lord Hill and Beezley Burn

Our Spokeswomen racers continue to crush the competition on the dirt! Some great results from this month:

Congrats to teammate Lisa Toner for making it on the podium and for being the fastest overall Cat 2 woman at the Budu mountain bike race at Lord Hill Park. Well done!

Kudos as well to Delia, who finished 2nd in Cat 1 at the Beezley Burn mountain bike race in Ephrata!



Race Report: Mason Lake #3

Congrats to our Cat 4 ladies on a great race at Mason Lake #3!

Photo credit: David Jang
Photo credit: David Jang

Here’s a recap from Almie:

There were four of us representing Spokeswomen: Anne-Gi, Laura, Tracy and myself. I’m so lucky to have such an awesome team! There were 30 women total in our race, and they brought it — thankfully it was a dry 24 miles!

The race started out fast and stayed that way. It was great to stay in the pack longer than I did last week but ultimately got dropped on one of inclines, rode for a bit and traded pulls with Tracy, and then I was solo again. I spent sometime getting comfortable in my drops while shifting/braking…it was much easier than I had anticipated. On the 2nd lap, I rode for a short bit with some Cat 4 men — they were much bigger and faster which made latching on way easy.


  • Laura: 16th
  • Anne-Gi: 25th
  • Almie: 27th
  • Tracy: 29th

The main takeaway for me is: IT IS GOING TO BURN, IT IS GOING TO HURT, YOU WILL NEED TO SUCK IT UP, and PEDAL FAST. The pain is only temporary. Duly noted. Game on.

Cheers to the next race!

Race Report: Dash Point

DashPoint5The Spokeswomen dirt riders kicked off the mountain bike season with a stellar success at Dash Point State Park as part of the Budu Racing series on February 22nd.

Delia says: “We had a great time! The trails were really fun and were in great shape. Despite missing her start because we decided to pre-ride the course (oops, my bad!), Tara came in 6th in the Cat 3/Beginner category. And she had a lot of fun, so hooray for good race experiences! I came in 2nd in the open Cat 1/Expert category, and Mary crushed it to finish 1st in her age group for the Cat 2/Sport category.”

Way to go, team! What a great start to the season.