Race Report: Sturdy Dirty 2016

Spokeswomen Racing team member Delia Massey put her hometown advantage to good use in the 3rd annual women’s only Sturdy Dirty Enduro this past Saturday.  Conditions at Tiger Mountain were at their most challenging — “it rained, it poured, and it straight up hailed.”


Delia flies down Predator on her way to 1st place in the women’s Expert Division. Photo credit: Chris McFarland


According to Delia:


“Traction was tricky since the roots and rocks were wet and slippery, there were mud puddles everywhere, and the lines you took on a dry day were no longer the best way to get down!
Luckily I pre-rode the race course wet on Tuesday night and practiced some of the trickier sections on the dowhill trail, Predator, and put that knowledge to good use in the race. I ended up with the fastest times on the first two stages (the ones with the most uphill pedaling, no big surprise there!), Off the Grid, and Fully Rigid/Joy Ride. We got to ride a super secret new trail for Stage 3, and then we climbed back up to the top of the mountain for Stage 4, Predator. I was pretty terrified of Predator, I’m not going to lie. But I pulled off a smooth, clean run, and hit all the lines I practiced on Tuesday and got down safely without crashing!
Other highlights: waffles and bacon at the top aid station, the Hooter’s dudes at the top of Stage 2, the dance party at the top of Stage 3, and the huge group of people cheering us on down the rock face on Predator.

For her hardwork, Delia placed 1st in the Expert category — Go Delia!

A full race report with numerous photos has been posted on PinkBike.

The Sturdy Dirty 2016 Enduro Race

Expert Winner Delia Massey charging home for a total time of 32:04.43 on the day. Not too shabby. Local knowledge is priceless. Photo credit: Colin Meager


Photo Credit: Chris McFarland


Delia takes 1st in the Expert Division. Photo Credit: Blair



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