Race Report: Skagit Flats 2016

On Saturday, June 25, four members of Spokeswomen Racing lined up together at the start of the 2016 Skagit Flats Circuit Race in Stanwood, Washington. Spokeswomen Racing was ready to put up a fight!

Spokeswomen worked hard for the first few laps, pulling the women’s pack along.  By the fifth and final lap, Lori and Tara were in a small group a short bit behind two ladies who had managed to break away at the end of the 4th lap.  As the finish line approached, Tara reported:

“As we headed to the finish it was one girl, another girl, Lori, and me. As we approached the 200m it became clear to me what to do. I have a teammate! I can make this happen!!  I pulled up next to Lori.  ‘Come on’ I said in a whisper. First behind me, then past me…     Third!!!”


Lori Surges – 3rd
Tara Mixon – 4th
Linda Nalis – 8th
Tracy Chen – 11th


2016 Skagit Flats Circuit Race


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