Meet our Team!

Last team photo before covid (updated team photo coming January 2023):


IMG_1248Name: Joy Baer
CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 1, Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: 
Playful competition, hi fives, smiles, sweaty hugs, stretching/yoga tips, warm-up routines
Racing goals: 
Have fun, nail the tight turns, contribute to a positive & competitive but not too serious atmosphere, stay in the top 10 placing, hi five the girls who finish before me
Past Cycling Achievements: 
2015 – Cat 4, 5th place (MFG series); 2016 –  Cat 3, 6th place (MFG Series); 2017 – Cat 3, 5th place (MFG Series); Passing most people up hills
When not on the bike: Design icons for Microsoft Office apps, practice and teach yoga, hike, cook yummy dinners, spend time with friends.

2016 Lake Sammamish CX (Photo credit: David Jang)

Name: Tracy Chen
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4; CX Cat 4
Contribution to the team:
Racing goals: stay competitive, and get to know and learn from my fellow teammates and other great racers out there.
Past Cycling Achievements: hmm, you mean future cycling achievements? Let’s come back to this in 1 year!
When not on the bike: shopping for biking gear, eating, cheering for Seahawks, and playing board games. I work as a licensed drug dealer (pharmacist!)


Name: Marine de Marcken
 CX Cat 3, Road Cat 4, MTB Cat 1
Racing Goals: Race more! And improve my technical skills on my mountain bike to gain confidence riding downhill
Past Cycling Achievements: Having a ton of fun in my first races. I placed 1st in the women’s B race at the West Rock Super Prestige in CT (out of 3, but still). Right after that, I entered my first road race where I got to ride my bike around Lime Rock Race Track.
When not on the bike: Being a studious medical student, exploring the beautiful PNW, and dreaming of someday racing cyclocross in Belgium.

Muddy bike!
2016 Magnuson Park CX

Name: Heather Fourie
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 1/2,  gravel, and bikepacking
Contribution to the team: Hungry? I can always locate the nearest bakery or cafe on our rides.
Racing goals: Bunny hop! Heal my injuries and return to racing at a high level.  Have fun!
Past Cycling Achievements: Did a few road races in college. I crashed at the start line of my first crit.
When not on the bike: I love to climb rocks and mountains or work on ways to improve our team.

2018 Frontier Park

  Kam G
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 3; MTB Cat 2; Track Cat 4; CX Cat 4; Enduro
Contribution to the team: I make a pretty good cheering squad, and I’m good with a cowbell! Also, I’m *always* up for a mountain bike ride, so I’m the always-up-for-it adventure buddy.
Racing goals: Try cyclocross! Stay injury-free and race my little heart out on my mountain bike.
Past cycling achievements: I did pretty well in collegiate racing back in grad school
When not on the bike: Swimming, learning to surf, playing with my awesome border collie. Also, my day job: trying to cure cancer. #science

2016 Swan Creek CX. Photo credit NW MultiSport

Name: Rachel Hovel
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Lots of excitement about lots of things.
Racing goals:
 Keep upgrading, try other disciplines, and cheer on other women while I’m pedaling hard.
Past Cycling Achievements: Concocting off-road and bike packing adventures, some race wins.
When not on the bike:
Science, climbing, skiing, and cat cuddling.

2016 Magnuson Park CX

Name/Nickname: Linda Nalis
Category: Track Cat 4; CX Cat 4; Road Cat 4; MTB Cat 3
Contribution to team: Cheering on and encouraging!
Racing Goals: Improve CX skills, fitness, and have fun racing!
Past Cycling Achievements: I am working on it…
When not on the bike: I chase kids in PE class, love to ski, climb, do yoga, and when injured and can’t do much, I play guitar.


Name/Nickname: Sheila Raff
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Willingness to work hard.
Racing Goals: To work together as a team, and I would like to compete in the Master Road Nationals in Bend.
Past Cycling Achievements: Upgraded after first year of racing, and consistently finishing in the top 10.
When not on the bike: I take care of my daughter who could not be more different than I am.  She is such a joy and has opened up my view of the world.  I love her.

44598117991_61dfa95553_zName/Nickname:  Jessica Thompson
CX Cat 4, MTB Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Always up for any crazy ride/race/adventure/schem, instigator of post-ride beverages and full of nerdy biomechanics/physiology knowledge
Racing goals: Upgrade to Cat 2 in CX, push my mountain bike skills in enduro races and just simply have fun riding bikes with rad women
Past cycling achievements: 2016 NCCX Cat 4 Series runner-up, 2015 Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference CX Championships – 2nd place
When not on the bike:  
Research scientist by day and can probably be found doing something outdoors with my upper the rest of the time. I do a little bit of everything: climbing, trail running, backpacking, hiking, and skiing — I’m always looking for new adventures and challenges to push my comfort zone!

2016 IceBreaker TT
2016 Icebreaker Time Trial

Name/Nickname:  Mary Weir
Road Cat 4; MTB Cat 2. Interested in trying cyclocross and some gravel riding
Contribution to the team: Excitement! Cheering! Cafe/bakery stop knowledge!
Racing goals:
Race cyclocross and maybe even try some long gravel rides this season.
Past Cycling Achievements:
Cycle toured across Scandinavia and central Europe
When not on the bike:
I love to hike, backpack, and climb.

IMG_1944Name/Nickname:  Wesley Nell (née Werich)
CX Cat 4; MTB Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Stoke, reliable, and possible beer sponsor!
Racing goals:
Not place last 🙂  Learn how to race.
Past Cycling Achievements:
Never raced before so nothing in way of actual achievements. This may go more under the not-the-best decision, but it all worked category — did a century with no training and using clip ins for the first time and did not crash and burn.
When not on the bike:
climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, yoga, cooking, quality time with my doggies

Name: Melissa Johnson
Discipline/Category: MTB Cat 4, CX Beginner, Enduro, and gravel
Contribution to the team: Dance party warmups and cool downs, sweet sound effects (especially on jumps), can almost always find edible berries/plants
Racing goals: I’m new to racing, so I’m excited to try a variety of race types. I’d also like to learn how to whip because why not?
Past Cycling Achievements: I’m very new to mountain biking, so no real achievements yet.
When not on the bike: climbing, bouldering, trail running, gardening, skate skiing, or hiking. Knitting and board games.

Name/Nickname: Coral Ng
Discipline/Category: MTB Cat 1/2, CX Cat 3, Road
Contribution to the team: Many, many, many homemade cookies and brownies.
Racing goals:
Have fun, push my comfort limits (safely); get comfortable with technical trails
Past Cycling Achievements: 
Did a road race
When not on the bike:
I enjoy the outdoors – rock climbing, hiking, and scuba diving. My favorite indoor activities are collecting/playing board games and baking anything containing chocolate!

Name/Nickname: Kim Schroeder
Discipline/Category: New to cyclocross/MTB, but excited to try it out
Contribution to the team: Cheering for teammates at races; providing post-race baked goods
Racing goals: Learn the ways of cyclocross and have fun!
Past cycling achievements: Raced crits and road races in college; Did the STP a few summers ago
When not on the bike: Exploring new hiking areas in the PNW, trying out new restaurants in Seattle, working in downtown as a CAD drafter

Name/Nickname: Julia Lowd
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 4

Name/Nickname: Ginger Yoder
Discipline/Category: MTB, gravel; CX Cat 4; also enjoy long road rides
Contribution to the team: I hope to live up to the team’s goal of women supporting women from afar as I work to create a supportive female racing and riding culture on the east side of the state. You can always count on me for enthusiasm and dedication.
Racing goals: I’m just starting to race! I would love to compete in at least two CX races this year and embark on some gravel race adventures.
Past cycling achievements: Moving into the sport in my late 30s has been a challenge and an absolute joy. I’m excited to find something I love so passionately.
When not on the bike: I love to hike, backpack, and spend time in the woods with my family.

Name/Nickname: Mary Fordham
Discipline/Category: MTB Cat 2

Name/Nickname: Denise Skinner
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 5, Enduro Beginner
Contribution to the team: still finding my niche, but maybe “chocolate fairy”
Racing goals: In no particular order: ride hard, have fun, win?
Past cycling achievements: one-day STP, 6-day Tour de Kota
When not on the bike: Climbing, cooking, crafting, snuggling kitties, gardening

Name/Nickname: Samantha Yeung
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 5, CX Beginner

Name/Nickname: Liza Severs
Discipline/Category: CX Beginner, MTB
Contribution to the team: good friendship and positive motivation
Racing goals: TBD. For now, I just want to get started and learn a fun new hobby.
Past cycling achievements: NA
When not on the bike: I am a post-doc at Fred Hutch; enjoy just about all outdoor activities but especially sailing, soccer, climbing, running, and hiking. I also enjoy photography, I love cooking (and eating!), and hanging out with my husband Matt and cat Chossy.

Name/Nickname: Emmalie Griswold
Discipline/Category: CX Beginner, MTB TBD

Name/Nickname: Tess King
Discipline/Category: CX, Road, MTB
Contribution to the team: enthusiasm for planning group bike adventures, and my two pups and daughter are a peppy cheering squad at races!
Racing goals: Build my speed and skills in cross race; get into MTB racing
Past cycling achievements: raced in New England on triathlon and cycling teams in college and med school; went to Triathlon Collegiate Nationals.
When not on the bike: Primary care doctor and mom to a wildly silly and smiley baby girl. I’m happiest outside on a trail — on foot, bike, ski, or horse! I love road trips, camping, and outdoor adventures with my husband, daughter, dogs, and friends, and sharing a love for nature and bikes with my daughter.

Name/Nickname: Robin Elwick
Discipline/Category: Road
Contribution to the team: Showing up with a smile ready to support the team.
Racing goals: Don’t get injured and try some new biking disciplines.
Past cycling achievements: I’ve done mostly triathlons at various distances. Also enjoy some bike touring from time to time.
When not on the bike: Traveling and trying to catch some live music.

Name/Nickname: Nicole Lukas
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 4; interested in all other disciplines, too
Contribution to the team: A lot of baked goods and excitement to plan/go on adventures!
Racing goals: Race a lot! Improve my bike handling, get faster, learn how road racing actually works, have a lot of fun with bikes.
Past cycling achievements: I’m new to racing, but I have been riding recreationally for several years and rode a century with friends this past summer.
When not on the bike: I love to spend time outside trail running, skiing, and climbing. I’m also often cooking or baking for friends or hanging out with my cats Olive and Swordfish.

Name/Nickname: Hannah Dutton
Discipline/Category: XC MTB Cat 1/2, Enduro, CX Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Always down for a muddy adventure; encouraging others to ride and go for what scares them. I always bring the snacks and sour gummy bears.
Racing goals: 24 hour team race then maye a solo; all the XC races I can find; finally racing as part a team; do some more CX racing.
Last cycling experience: Dabbled in MTB growing up but usu. too terrified. Now all I want to do is MTB. High Cascades 100 in 2021 and 2022. First overall in 2022 NW Epic Series mid-distance.
When not on the bike: I am a Mom to a wild and awesome toddler; I am a chef and baker; I love fermenting things and drinking coffee; I teach yoga; and you can always find me adventuring with my girl.

Name/Nickname: Tara Mixon
Discipline/Category: Indoors, CX
Contribution to the team: OG member! Seriously, hugs and smiles for everyone.

Name/Nickname: Maxine Chan
Discipline/Category: Indoors, Road, Track
Contribution to the team: