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2018 Team Photo


2017 team photo

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Name: Kathleen Abadie
Montara, California
Primarily a road cyclist (Cat 4) – I like to see how much gravel my road bike can handle! Open to other disciplines as well
Contribution to the team:
cycling enthusiasm
Racing goals:
I’m new to racing and excited to see how it goes! I want to put in some fast times and learn to safely navigate a peloton
Past Cycling Achievements:
cycle tours through the European Alps and along the Great Divde; a few Olympic distance triathlon podium placements
When not on the bike: Studying T cells as a bioengineering PhD student at the University of Washington; skiing and backpacking in the Cascades


Name: Joy Baer
Troy, Illinois
CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 2, Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: 
Playful competition, hi fives, smiles, sweaty hugs, stretching/yoga tips, warm-up routines
Racing goals: 
Have fun, nail the tight turns, contribute to a positive & competitive but not too serious atmosphere, stay in the top 10 placing, hi five the girls who finish before me
Past Cycling Achievements: 
2015 – Cat 4, 5th place (MFG series); 2016 –  Cat 3, 6th place (MFG Series); 2017 – Cat 3, 5th place (MFG Series); Passing most people up hills
When not on the bike: Design icons for Microsoft Office apps, practice and teach yoga, hike, cook yummy dinners, spend time with friends


Name: Melissa Beams
V’burg, MI
Road Cat 3; Track Cat 4; CX Cat 4
Contribution to the team:
workhorse newbie willing go the distance
Racing goals:
doing the best I can with my time and resources, while having fun as I learn to race
Past Cycling Achievements: 
achieved goal in the national 24 hour Challenge (2010); raised $6k and rode 3,043 mi on a coast to coast bicycle tour for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital (2011)
When not on the bike: exploring; working to turn my daydreams into realities.

29660203777_c33d185888_o (1)Name: Maryanna Brown
Palmer, Alaska
CX Newbie
Contribution to the team: Enthusiasm, photos of my dog, exotic Trader Joe’s snacks
Racing goals: Have the most fun! This [2018] will be my first year racing cyclocross, and I couldn’t be more stoked.
Past Cycling Achievements: Reply Hazy, Try Again 🙂
When not on the bike: Skiing (pizza party), climbing rocks and mountains, and getting way too competitive playing Scrabble. Backpacking with my beloved golden retriever, Momo and my taller, more bearded better half, Micah, and a Bota Box of red wine. Wrangling mountain guides at Alpine Ascents.

Name: Aviva Browning
Olympia, Washington
MTB Cat 2
Contribution to the team: bad jokes but good snacks
Racing goals:
improve my mountain bike technique and try cyclocross
Past Cycling Achievements: 
When not on the bike: Splitting time between all other outdoor things (running, skiing, hiking…) and eating brownies.


Name: Meg Browning
Hometown: Minnesota
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 3, Track Cat 3, MTB Cat 3, CX Cat 4, Enduro Expert
Racing goals: Working hard on the road and track while looking forward to development opportunities and upgrades!
Past Cycling Achievements: Collegiate road and track racing while pursuing a graduate degree. (This was after a couple years of collegiate Horse Polo!) Raced Friday Nights at the Marymoor Velodrome…which, after racing the 250m / 43degree wooden track in MN, is like NASCAR!


Name: Flo Chardon
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: smiles, love, hugs, fun, fast biking!
Racing goals: Compete in a variety of road races, have fun, be competitive in the PNW
Past Cycling Achievements: Podium placement in multiple hill climbs and Olympic distance triathlons in California. Completed the Death Ride (aka Tour of the California Alps); 1000 mile road bike tour thru Europeans Alps; and 600 mile dirt/gravel Great Divide Mountain Bike trail.
When not on the bike:
Working on my Genome Sciences PhD at the University of Washington, skiing the wonderful Cascades, backpacking, cooking, running, swimming, thinking about biking!



2016 Lake Sammamish CX (Photo credit: David Jang)

Name: Tracy Chen
Hometown: Tainan, Taiwan
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4; CX Cat 4
Contribution to the team:
Racing goals: stay competitive, and get to know and learn from my fellow teammates and other great racers out there.
Past Cycling Achievements: hmm, you mean future cycling achievements? Let’s come back to this in 1 year!
When not on the bike: shopping for biking gear, eating, cheering for Seahawks, and playing board games. I work as a licensed drug dealer (pharmacist!)



Name/Nickname: Jessica Cutler (honorary member)
Seattle, Washington
Road Pro; Track Cat 1; CX Cat 1
Contribution to the team: 
Bad jokes, good makeup tips, human powered motopacing.
Racing Goals: 
To continue to be awesome.
Past Cycling Achievements: 
Many wins in many disciplines including, a few friday night track omniums, Washington State CX Championships; Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (2016), Sequim 2, Independence Valley Road Race, Volunteer Park Crit; Washington State Hillclimb Champs, A bunch of time trials, etc.
When not on the bike: 
I’m thinking that I should probably be on my bike.


2016 Frontier Park CX. Photo Credit Woodinville Bicycles

Name: Cathy Downs
Hometown: Hoquiam, Washington
Discipline/Category: Road 2; CX 3; MTB 2
Contribution to the team: I bake really good banana bread!
Racing Goals: Improve my dirt skills. Have fun mountain bike and cyclocross racing!
Past Cycling Achievements: 3rd in the GC at Elkhorn as a cat 3, Finishing with the lead group on stage 4 of Cherry Blossom – 2010, “Competing” against Kristen Armstrong at the Mt Hood Stage Race – 2011.
When not on the bike: I enjoy being outdoors – skiing, hiking, walking around town. Hanging out with my main squeeze, Jason and our labradoodle, Baker.

2017 Dash Point

Name: Chelsea Faber
Hometown: Holland, Michigan
Discipline/Category: MTB Cat 3; Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: Optimism, complete shamelessness, beer suggestions, crude humor. What more does a girl need?
Racing goals: Be competitive in Cat 3 next season, and maybe NOT break another bone at Galbraith.
Past Cycling Achievements: Took first in my one and only beginner MTB race!
When not on the bike: Skiing, hiking, motorbiking, and generally exploring the beautiful PNW. Also getting my PhD at the UW. You know, in my spare time.



Name: Mary Fordham
 Houston, Texas
Discipline/Category: MTB Cat 2; CX Cat 3/4; Xterra
Racing Goals: Move up in categories in both mountain biking and cyclocross.
Past Cycling Achievements: Some wins in mtn biking.  I’ve been racing Xterra races since 2005; in 2008, I received 1st in the Northwest Region and 7th in my age group at Xterra Nationals. I started racing cyclocross, and I’ve gotten a 4th, 8th, 2nd, and 4th place so far.
When not on the bike: Off the bike, I am working as a special education teacher in Bellevue School District, studying as a doctorate student at University of Washington, and adventure traveling to different countries in my spare time.


Muddy bike!

2016 Magnuson Park CX

Name: Heather Fourie
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4, CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 2
Contribution to the team: Hungry? I can always locate the nearest bakery or cafe on our rides.
Racing goals: Keep learning. Heal my injuries and return to racing. Try some track and road races. Ride more mountain, cross, and gran fondos. And have fun!
Past Cycling Achievements: Raced a bit on my college triathlon and cycling teams. I crashed just standing at the start line of my first crit when the ladies to one side started falling over like Dominoes and took me out.
When not on the bike: I love to climb rocks and mountains.


Name: Laura Green
Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand (by way of Madison, WI)
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4; CX Cat 4
Racing goals: It’s been a few years since I’ve been competition-focused and my goal this year will be to get back up to race fitness.
When not on the bike: I’m a scientist by day, rock out in a lab coat, and have an unnatural addiction to wearing hoodies.



43520653635_c5d9bd84b7_zName:  Kamila Gwiazda
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 3; MTB Cat 2; Track Cat 4
Contribution to the team: I make a pretty good cheering squad, and I’m good with a cowbell! Also, I’m *always* up for a mountain bike ride, so I’m the always-up-for-it adventure buddy.
Racing goals: Try cyclocross! Stay injury-free and race my little heart out on my mountain bike.
Past cycling achievements: I did pretty well in collegiate racing back in grad school
When not on the bike: Swimming, learning to surf, playing with my awesome border collie. Also, my day job: trying to cure cancer. #science



2016 Swan Creek CX. Photo credit NW MultiSport

Name: Rachel Hovel
Hometown: Conover, Wisconsin
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 3 (and will likely be enticed into racing other disciplines)
Contribution to the team: Lots of excitement about lots of things.
Racing goals:
 Keep upgrading, try other disciplines, and cheer on other women while I’m pedaling hard.
Past Cycling Achievements: Concocting off-road and bike packing adventures, some race wins.
When not on the bike:
Science, climbing, skiing, and cat cuddling.



2017 Icebreaker TT

Name: Barbara Joseph
Hometown: Hauppauge, New York
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: Good conversation even in headwinds.
Racing goals: Try some Gran Fondo’s and increase speed overall.
Past Cycling Achievements: Two supported cross-country cycling tours (Providence, RI > Seattle, WA and Virginia Beach, VA > Cannon Beach, OR)
When not on the bike: Surfing, hiking, cooking, drinking wine


Name/Nickname: Courtenay McFadden / Court  (former/honorary member)
Hometown: Mercer Island, WA and currently living in Bellingham
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 1/Pro
Contribution to the team: Positive energy and dried mud on my helmet from the CX season.
Racing Goals: Have fun with my teammies
Past Cycling Achievements: Racing cyclocross in Belgium, placing top ten in Belgium, and racing some World Cups!
When not on the bike: I’m working in the gym and playing the role of the domestic house wife.  🙂

41081681590_6650370b17_z (1)

Name/Nickname: Savannah McFeely
Hometown: Morena Valley, California
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team:
 Perpetual optimism and a willingness to learn (although arguably more important… baked goods and beer recommendations!)
Racing Goals: Learn and develop skills while enjoying the time out on the road
Past Cycling Achievements: I met a llama once while out riding… that was pretty cool
When not on the bike: Climbing mountains and cooking with my hubby and pup; figuring out how to make drugs safe (PhD student…)

Name: Alix Michael
Hometown: Mercer Island, Washington
Discipline/Category: Duathlons, Road (beginner), Enduro (beginner), CX (in my dreams)
Contribution to the team: Useless facts and a clumsiness to humor all.
Racing goals: Translate background in multi-sport into my first newbie season in road and Enduro racing.
Past Cycling Achievements: Staying upright and on the bike… most of the time.
When not on the bike: Process engineer turned global health professional who skis, rock climbs, backpacks, travels extensively, and has played soccer and squash since before the formative kindergarten years.


Name/Nickname: Tara Mixon / mountain goat
Spokane, WA
Road Cat 3; CX Cat 3/4; MTB yet to be determined …crazy thing is that I can race Masters!!
Contribution to the team:
Being the teammate always willing to share some saddle time with my fellow women. Oh, and give my team someone to chase up the hills.
Racing Goals: Number one: 
Race the whole season injury free. Otherwise: Upgrade to Cat 2 on road. Finish top 10 in both a mountain bike and a cross race.
Past Cycling Achievements:
Chatting up and befriending all women cyclists I encounter.  Finishing with a smile on my face, even if it isn’t a podium worthy.
When not on the bike: 
Depending on the season: riding my snowboard, hiking in the mountains, practicing yoga, working on my garden or cooking up some awesome grub in the kitchen.


2016 Magnuson Park CX

Name/Nickname: Linda Nalis
Hometown: Sarajevo, Bosnia
Category: Track Cat 4; CX Cat 4; Road Cat 4
Contribution to team: Cheering on and encouraging!
Racing Goals: Improve CX skills, fitness, and have fun racing!
Past Cycling Achievements: I am working on it…
When not on the bike: I chase kids in PE class, love to ski, climb, do yoga, and when injured and can’t do much, I play guitar.


photo 4 - mcollum corner


Name/Nickname: Linnea Nasman
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Category: Track Cat 4; CX Cat 4; MTB Cat 3
Contribution to team: Working hard for the team (on and off the bike); cheering loudly at races.
Racing Goals: Improve my technical skills in MTB and cross.
Past Cycling Achievements: Winning the 2006 National Collegiate Road Championships team overall and team time trial titles
When not on the bike: Exploring Seattle, being a policy nerd, wasting time on Pinterest, talking like a Texan, and making breakfast tacos.




Name/Nickname: Sheila Raff
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 3
Contribution to the team: Willingness to work hard.
Racing Goals: To work together as a team, and I would like to compete in the Master Road Nationals in Bend.
Past Cycling Achievements: Upgraded after first year of racing, and consistently finishing in the top 10.
When not on the bike: I take care of my daughter who could not be more different than I am.  She is such a joy and has opened up my view of the world.  I love her.


_DSC3033-X2Name/Nickname: Christina Russell
Hometown: Bainbridge Island, Washington
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 3
Contribution to the team: I’m here to race hard, cheer hard, and celebrate women’s cycling!
Racing goals: I’d like to hone my technical skills (i.e. bunny hop the barriers)
Past Cycling Achievements: I won my very first cross race!
When not on the bike: I enjoy swimming, practicing yoga, climbing, and skiing.


2017 Port Gamble West Side MTB Series

Name/Nickname: Maura Steiner
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Discipline/Category: CX Cat 3; MTB Cat 1
Contribution to the team: I bring my bubbly personality, positive attitude, and energy
Racing Goals: Competitively race enduro
Past Cycling Achievements: I started riding the STP (Seattle to Portland) when I was 9 years old. I’ve participated in this ride every year for the last 22 years with my father. My one and only triathlon was the Coeur D’Alene Ironman (motto to live by: go big or go home).
When not on the bike: Anything active to get that endorphin high: running, hiking, Pilates, strength training



 Lori Surges
Hometown: Hales Corners, Wisconsin
Discipline/Category: Road Cat 4; CX Cat 4
Contribution to the team: I bring a lighthearted attitude, some seriously funny jokes during long rides and chocolate.
Racing Goals: To work with the other Cat 4 women to win races and have fun.  I would like to consider moving up to Cat 3 soon.
Past Cycling Achievements: Leaving the other girls behind on the hills!
When not on the bike: Single parenting an awesome teenaged daughter, climbing, running and trying to get some sleep somewhere in-between all that.



Name/Nickname:  Anita Thompson
Seattle, Washington
MTB Cat 3
When not on the bike:  I ski and climb.





44598117991_61dfa95553_zName/Nickname:  Jessica Thompson
Chapel Hill, NC
CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 3, Enduro Sport
Contribution to the team: Always up for any crazy ride/race/adventure/schem, instigator of post-ride beverages and full of nerdy biomechanics/physiology knowledge
Racing goals: Upgrade to Cat 2 in CX, push my mountain bike skills in enduro races and just simply have fun riding bikes with rad women
Past cycling achievements: 2016 NCCX Cat 4 Series runner-up, 2015 Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference CX Championships – 2nd place
When not on the bike:  
Research scientist by day and can probably be found doing something outdoors with my upper the rest of the time. I do a little bit of everything: climbing, trail running, backpacking, hiking, and skiing — I’m always looking for new adventures and challenges to push my comfort zone!


Name/Nickname:  Lisa Toner
Bellingham, WA
Road Cat 3; CX Cat 4; MTB Cat 2
Contribution to the team:
 I’ve been on the team since the beginning. I’ve served on the board, helped with our social media presence, and secured our Ortlieb sponsorship.
Racing Goals: I want to be injury-free and have fun riding my mountain bike. 
Past Cycling Achievements:
 In graduate school at the UW, I built up a women’s team from scratch for Husky Cycling and competed in the 2010 Division I Collegiate National Road Cycling Championships. I’ve earned a few wins and podiums in local road, mtb, and cx races.  My husband and I have done some extended bike tours in the US and Europe.
When not on the bike: 
Playing and teaching violin, climbing, cooking, hanging out with my husband.


Name/Nickname:  Antonia Villa
Hometown:  Gladstone, NJ
Discipline/Category:  Road Cat 4, CX Cat 4
Contribution to the team: Motivation to wake up early, ride fast, and spend as much time as possible on the bike.
Racing Goals: Compete in road races and master the art of the sprint.
Past Cycling Achievements: 
In my first race ever, I snagged a podium spot at the MoE stage race with 3rd in the GC. Looking to see where I can go from there and continue to ride fast and have fun!
When not on the bike:
Painting, finding an open body of water to go open-water swimming, running, hiking, searching for sun, laying in the sun, eating cookies, and thinking about biking!

Name/Nickname:  Wesley Werich
Hometown: Chicago
Contribution to the team: Stoke, reliable, and possible beer sponsor!
Racing goals:
Not place last 🙂  Learn how to race.
Past Cycling Achievements:
Never raced before so nothing in way of actual achievements. This may go more under the not-the-best decision, but it all worked category — did a century with no training and using clip ins for the first time and did not crash and burn.
When not on the bike:
climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, yoga, cooking, quality time with my doggies



Name/Nickname:  Becca Wheaton
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
MTB Cat 3; Road Cat 4
Contribution to the team: Being new to the team, I hope to contribute my willingness to be; riding buddies anytime!
Racing goals:
Get back into the racing spirit!
Past Cycling Achievements:
Iron distance triathlete
When not on the bike:
I’m working in sustainable agriculture (as a farmer and educator) and helping to promote environmental education as the program coordinator for Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center.  Off work, I’m either exploring the backyard of my new home (Washington State) or snacking on any food within arm’s reach.